Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Can you picture that?

The Amazing Mumford by Michael Borkowski. Alias Sketchbook/Adobe Photoshop/Cintiq

Super G Representin' by Matt Luxich. Pencil/Ink/Digital Coloring

The Great Gonzo And His Beloved Camilla by Dustin Weaver. Pen/Ink/Marker/Photoshop

Portrait of Sam by Brian Ching. Adobe Photoshop

Annniimmmaaaalllll! by Joe Peragino. Pen/Ink/Adobe Illustrator

PUMPED! by Andy Thom. Adobe Photoshop/Cintiq

All Dressed Up by Mike Groves. Ink/Adobe Photoshop

The Man Who Laughs by Rob Kelly. Adobe Photoshop

Sweetums by Michael Borkowski. Alias Sketchbook/Cintiq

Near........Far by Michael Atiyeh. Adobe Photoshop/Cintiq

Kermit by Sean Tiffany. Ink/Brushes/Marker/Adobe Photoshop


Michael Borkowski said...

That Gonzo is freakin' incredible.

Matthew Luxich said...

great friggin stuff this month... its really wild to see the differnet styles come into play for a show that influenced the creativity in us all.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it was fun to draw one of my favorite characters from the show. Really great stuff out there!

Dustin said...

Thanks MB. I always liked Gonzo. He's completely ridiculous and strange yet seems to be very comfortable with himself. His best friend is a rat, he's in love with a chicken, and he doesn't even know what he is. I really wanted to capture what a weirdo he is by putting him a serious light with this renaissance style portrait. By the way, I just started a Live Journal. Check it out fellas, Dustin Weaver's Live Journal