Monday, October 1, 2007


You can't have October without Halloween.

Happy Halloween by Dustin Weaver. Ink/Photoshop

Fall Children by Mike Groves. Ink Wash

Midnight Movie Monster Madness by matt Luxich. Pencil/Ink/Digital Coloring

Portrait of Skellington by Brian Ching. Photoshop.

Mummyfish by Joe Havasy. Acrylic on Panel 8x10

Horseman by Michael Atiyeh. Photoshop

Undying Love by Jeff Allen. Bristol Board/2B Pencil/Scrapbook Frame by Jeff's wife

Halloween Trick or Treaters by Joe Peragino. Pen/Ink/Illustrator

Disappointment 1983 By Michael Borkowski. Alias Sketchbook

Jellycat by Andy Thom. Flash

Prepare for Battle by Rob Kelly. Adobe Photoshop/Ebay

Franken-friends by Sean Tiffany. Brush/Ink/Markers/Phtoshop


rob! said...


ooooh, beautiful piece!

rob! said...


whoaaa, that horseman is major league cool!

Mike said...


Thank you my friend. I appreciate the kind words.

Your idea was fantasic. I was going to do a Ben Cooper Mer-Man mask, but you beat me to it.

I wanted to be Skeletor as a kid and all they had left was the not as cool Mer-Man. Scarred for life.


Mr. Jeff said...

Awesome Jack Skellington Brian! I love it.

-Jeff Allen