Monday, July 2, 2007


Our versions of the undead:

Zombie Dude by Brian Ching. Pen/Ink/Adobe Photoshop

Bliss by Jeff Allen. Alias Sketchbook/Cintiq

World War Z by Sean Tiffany. Pen/Brush/Ink/Photoshop

They're coming to get you Mr. Woodman by Andy Thom.
Adobe Photoshop/Cintiq

Hey Kids! Zombies! by Rob Kelly. Cut Paper/Adobe Photoshop

Intestinal Fortitude by Michael Borkowski. Alias Sketchbook/Cintiq

The Neighbors by Dustin Weaver. Pen/Ink/Adobe Photoshop

They're coming to get you Barbara! by Michael Atiyeh.
Adobe Photoshop/Cintiq

Gooey Icky Sticky Green by Matt Luxich. Adobe Illustrator

Zombie by Michael Atiyeh. Adobe Photoshop/Cintiq


Matthew Luxich said...

oh cool as hell mike. and just saw the black and white one too.. friggin awesome....


rob! said...

i would SO watch "Welcome Back Zombie."

sweet-voiced John Sebastian sings: "Welllcome bac...BRAINS!!!!"

Rachelle said...

Hey all! Saw Mike's post on myspace and thought I'd come check it out. Your work is all awesome. Great topic of the month too! ^.^

Michael Borkowski said...

Thanks for stopping by, Rachelle! Your stuff is looking great, too!