Monday, June 2, 2008

DC Comics!

"Batman" by Dustin Weaver.

"Nightwing:Splint End" by Jeff Allen

"The Atom explains "shrinkage!" by Sean Tiffany

"Lobo" by joe Peragino.

"Luthor" by Rob Kelly.

"Mixxy" by Michael Borkowski.

"Just another day of saving all these @ssholes" by Matt Luxich

"Stroke It" By Michael Borkowski


Matthew Luxich said...

holy crap that mixelpick (or however you spell it) is friggin awesome!

Anonymous said...

Why is Superman wearing gloves?

Anonymous said...

he has a small case of Eczema and OCD.

Michael Borkowski said...

Love that Atom, Sean!

Anonymous said...

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