Sunday, March 2, 2008


Just in time for March Madness.

"Chester Cheeta" by Sean Tiffany. Sharpie Markers/Photoshop

"Snapper Carr" by Rob Kelly

"Meet Mr. Met" by Michael Borkowski. Sketchbook

"Otto" by Michael Borkowski. Sketchbook

"Meet the Mets" by Andy Thom.

"Perry Condrial Hematomy! The UFC's Beloved Mascot." by Jeff Allen. Sketchbook


rob! said...

that Meet Mr. Met piece is profoundly unsettling. you may have created a heretofore unexplored genre of porn.

Anonymous said...

Rob Kelly, I have one question:


rob! said...

WTF? what?

Michael Borkowski said...

"Meet Mr. Met" is in response to Mr. Thom's piece, "Meet the Mets" in which he incorrectly portrays Mr. Met as a gay icon. I simply showed him in his true form, ladies man. Maybe he can run for Governor of NY.

Anonymous said...

Is Snapper Carr the JLA's mascot? I'm confused.

Matthew Luxich said...

great stuff..... Snapper carr, fantastic! to the guy that asked WTF? look him up on wikipedia... you will understand..

is the guy behind mr met attempting a reacharound or is he going knuckle deep?