Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pop Culture!

The people, places, and things that we can't ignore.

Anime Mickey Rourke vs. Danny Trejo by Jeff Allen. Sketchbook

Chocolate Spy by Joe Havasy

Mine! Mine! Mine! by Rob Kelly. Adobe Photoshop

Untitled by Mike Groves. Ink/Photoshop

Chocolate Rain by Michael Borkowski. Alias Sketchbook

Monday, October 1, 2007


You can't have October without Halloween.

Happy Halloween by Dustin Weaver. Ink/Photoshop

Fall Children by Mike Groves. Ink Wash

Midnight Movie Monster Madness by matt Luxich. Pencil/Ink/Digital Coloring

Portrait of Skellington by Brian Ching. Photoshop.

Mummyfish by Joe Havasy. Acrylic on Panel 8x10

Horseman by Michael Atiyeh. Photoshop

Undying Love by Jeff Allen. Bristol Board/2B Pencil/Scrapbook Frame by Jeff's wife

Halloween Trick or Treaters by Joe Peragino. Pen/Ink/Illustrator

Disappointment 1983 By Michael Borkowski. Alias Sketchbook

Jellycat by Andy Thom. Flash

Prepare for Battle by Rob Kelly. Adobe Photoshop/Ebay

Franken-friends by Sean Tiffany. Brush/Ink/Markers/Phtoshop